AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL is dealing with all kinds of flat rolled steel. The underlying business activities of the company include global trading. AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL is an assured supplier of prime, prime over rolled and secondary steel. We are the leading reliable supplier of different industrial raw materials to worldwide. In its supply chain portfolio, AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL is expanding to include more products to offer its customers even better. AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL has over 20 years' combined expertise and is managed by qualified professionals with extensive experience in their areas to offer their customers their best possible service. Over the years, AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL has established trustworthy sources of supply of its different products through its supply channel in several countries. In its business dealing with its customers, sellers, bankers, and all concerned parties, AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL management & employees believe in and practice high professionalism & ethics ... With all its sellers and customers, the organization has a culture of fair transactions that led to longer-term relations. AL-SALAUDDIN INTERNATIONAL is continuously committed to maintaining its core fairness value with all stakeholders. Following the principles of absolute honesty, integrity and fairness with our sellers, customers, bankers, and all parties involved. We work in a team to improve our relationship and to innovate continuously. Remain focused and focused on our organizational objectives, vision, and mission.